Mountain Lake Community Association and Watershed Advisory Group (MLCA & WAG) is the oldest and largest not for profit environmental organization in Warren County. Next year it will celebrate its 40th anniversary.

The efforts of volunteers enable us to contribute to the community, educate citizens, and ensure clean safe water. Please consider volunteering to help us achieve these goals. Check back here often for volunteering opportunities being posted as they become available. If there are currently no opportunities, you may still fill out this form so that you may be considered for projects that have not yet been posted.


  • Fall Clean-Up: Join MLCA members for a community clean up along Townsbury Road. MLCA & WAG will be taking part of Warren County Clean Communities Program to remove recycling and garbage from the roadside.Sign up to volunteer at mlca.wag@gmail.com. Click here for more details. See the map for our meeting location.
  • Lake Scouts: Developing a team to help identify and control invasive and explosive plant growth in the lake, i.e. lily pads, eurasian milfoil, and other aggressive non-native plants. This group is part of our first line of defense in maintaining a healthy balance and plant diversity in Mountain Lake. Members of the team will help identify invasive plants in the lake and note any explosive growth areas that detract from recreation opportunities. Training will take place at the end of August.

If you are interested in volunteering for any of these opportunities, please email mlca.wag@gmail.com, call Shannon at 908.475.5122 or use the form below.

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