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MLCA & WAG has established an annual award in honor of a founding member, Ruth Ballou, to be given to an individual who helps the association fulfill it’s vision and mission and the establishment of a $250 scholarship grant to a graduating senior at a local high school who will major in environmental studies or a related field and who has made significant contributions to serving the environment.  In addition, the MLCA & WAG will pursue grant funding to attract a paid, part-time Executive Director, to assist the organization in building membership capacity.

The environmental accomplishments of this 54-year-old, all volunteer organization are certainly noteworthy.  Members of the Watershed Advisory Board have devoted countless hours to getting themselves educated via formal courses, workshops, networking, and partnerships and then have consistently shared this knowledge through a well written quarterly newsletter and participation in community events.  You might say that they consistently “spread the environmental word” better than anyone.  They have worked diligently to build organizational capacity in the last ten years (membership grew from a historic low of 52 families to a high of 191).  The vision and leadership they have brought to the community is admirable, and their dedication and persistence unrivaled in Warren County.  They have done more, longer, to promote environmental stewardship in a small, rural New Jersey community than most thought possible.

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