Weed Harvesting Starts Aug. 10th

In the morning of August 10, Aquatic Analysts and Liberty Twp Public Works will be out on the lake to begin harvesting plant material from the lake. The harvesting plan is as follows:

Aug 10-12th- plant material will be cut and removed in front of the Mountain Lake outlet, along the southern end and in the southwestern cove. Material will be composted off site. This will open up pathways in the lake for better water circulation and reduce biomass. Map below highlights the priority areas along the southern end of the lake.

This fall (date TBA) Aquatic Analysts will return with the clamshell rake to remove lily pad roots to maintain pathway areas in the southern end of the lake.

Thank you so much to our membership and donors, the Liberty Twp Committee and our Department of Public Works for their support of this project!

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