53rd Annual Lake Association Meeting Recap

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm.

The 2019 membership meeting minutes are posted for viewing here.

The Treasurer presented reports on expenses and income for 2019 and 2020 as of August. 2020 Treasurer’s Report

2021 Elected Officers:

President: Shannon Schaaf

Vice President: Daniele Nevins

Secretary: Chris Shand

Treasurer: Carolyn Pullman

Trustees: Alice Bechok, Lorraine Thiel, and Patricia Duffy

Annual Scholarship was not given out this year, as no applications were received.

Ruth Ballou Award Recipient for 2020 is Chris Shand. Chris has been raising awareness and support of the Mountain Lake Community Association through a 1,000 mile kayak challenge, running now through December. Chris is donating $1 for every mile he kayaks at Mountain Lake as well as asking others to support his cause, removing litter from the lake, and sharing his story and passion for this area with everyone he encounters. His actions exemplify the stewardship that Ruth Ballou demonstrated in this community! We are pleased to see him as this year’s recipient.

The membership discussed the following upcoming events:

Love our lake sign scavenger hunt (currently ongoing)

Weed harvesting and hydro-raking at Mountain Lake (currently ongoing)

Additional installation of 20 more porcupine cribs at Mountain Lake – set for September 2021

Summer updates:

Bob Ballou was appointed as Water Monitoring coordinator. Discussed preparing a more thorough and organized volunteer monitoring network for the lake. Discussion included: more quality control on data collection, purchasing 2 additional pH handheld monitors, looking into a fluorometer which would be able to identify cell count for green and blue algae (this data would help to understand areas in danger of harmful algae blooms as well as help the association be more proactive in management).

Early spring 2021 egg addling team: volunteers will be needed to help addle eggs for goose management at the lake. This method is the most humane method of population control. Interested volunteers can email mlca.wag@gmail.com for more information.

Patty Duffy was appointed as Clean Communities coordinator for the association. This is our 22nd year seeking the grant. The Association will also be working on a litter cleanup for September 13th. Details to come.

Presentation on NJ Firewise Communities: Kenny Lunden shared a program with the Association that will bring together the lake association, Mt. Lake Fire Co and the NJ Forest Fire Service to coordinate efforts to educate the community about wildfire prevention and provide funds to assist in maintaining cleaner spaces to reduce wildfire spread. Volunteers will be needed for this committee. Please email mlca.wag@gmail.com for more information.

The Board has been meeting monthly virtually and will continue to do.

More information, events and volunteer opportunities will be posted on the website and Facebook page. Stay tuned and thank you all for your membership!

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